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Imagery Immunology and the Deeper Self

Guided Imagery Exercises By
Dr. Francis X. Clifton

mind imagination and freedom

Guilt, Imagination and Freedom: The Foundation of Psychotherapy Within Imagination

Dr. Francis X. Clifton


"Illness, emotional blockage, and depression can be the beginning of our quest for
light. For when we recognize the darkness, maybe even embrace it, our journey to light can begin." Insight from Dr. Francis X. Clifton





Dr. Francis X. CliftonFran Clifton, Ph.D. has over thirty years of experience in the practice of Psychotherapy, imagery, meditation, and dream work. He has a Ph.D. in the Philosophical foundations of psychology and Master's degree in Social Work.

He is a graduate of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NYC), trained at the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute, and at Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. He studied at The Tavistock Training Institute in London and spent over 15 years of apprenticeship with Colette Aboulker Muscat of Jerusalem in the use of imagination and mental imagery. He was first introduced to imaginal work by Dr. Gerald Epstein with whom he studied for many years.

Underlying his clinical work has been the study Western and Eastern philosophical and spiritual traditions with a specific emphasis on the phenomenological understanding of imagination. Dr. Clifton translates complex philosophical concepts into understandable and useable language. The outgrowth is simple yet profound imaginal practices, which can be used by any seeker of more consciousness.

Dr. Clifton is the founder and director of the Faran Center in New York City. The Center is the first facility devoted to the treating the psychological aspects of serious illness through the use imagery, visualization, and psychotherapy in conjunction with medical science. The Faran Center's mission is to help people see, accept, and live their life beyond illness. Faran is the old English word of the word, Ferry and the practice of imagination can ferry us to our Healing and Deeper selves. Dr. Clifton writes, "The Practice of Imagination leads to discovering and living more fully the unique purpose of life, whether we have sixty more years to live or sixty minutes."

In addition, Dr. Clifton was the cofounder of The American Center for Guided Imagery and had been one of the founding Directors of The Center for Intentional Living. Both training institutes focus on moving beyond the conventional models of illness and treatment to one that viewed illness as an opportunity for growth.

His CD, "Imagery, Immunology, and the Deeper Self" is currently available as well as his book, "Guilt, Imagination, and Freedom: The Foundation of Psychotherapy Within Imagination" at www.FaranCenter.org -or- www.Amazon.com.

His latest book, "Imagination and The Healing Self" will be available in the early part of 2010. He has two future books in process, "Glimpses of Psyche" and "Tales of Astonishment." He is also working a film documentary on Mystery Initiations throughout the ancient world as a form of Collective Depth Psychology... "Meetings at Remarkable Places."