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Imagery Immunology and the Deeper Self

Guided Imagery Exercises By
Dr. Francis X. Clifton

mind imagination and freedom

Guilt, Imagination and Freedom: The Foundation of Psychotherapy Within Imagination

Dr. Francis X. Clifton


"Illness, emotional blockage, and depression can be the beginning of our quest for
light. For when we recognize the darkness, maybe even embrace it, our journey to light can begin." Insight from Dr. Francis X. Clifton


A cancer survivor discusses how Dr. Clifton's treatment of mental imagery has given her peace of mind and increased ability to overcome her illness. Click on the media link below to watch the interview with Dr. Jay Adlersberg on Channel-7 News.

The host of "To Your Good Health," Drew Scott, interviews Dr. Clifton on News-12. Dr. Clifton discusses how mind-practices and imagery help overcome serious illness.

The host of "Medical," interviews Dr. Clifton on News-1. Dr. Clifton explains the concepts of mind-practices and mental imagery.


She claimed the pearl of great price, to cite a fable told to me by New York psychologist Francis Clifton, who uses classical imagery in his work with depression and cancer patients:

"That is the pearl of great price." Clifton says "The great price is the struggle to be true to yourself."

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The Faran Center began with a dream, quite literally. Dr. Francis Clifton was sleeping when a vision he had nearly caused him to fall out of bed. While slumbering, he imagined himself on Mount Sinai climbing to the top. A voice spoke to him and told him that his rightful role was a ferryman.