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Imagery Immunology and the Deeper Self

Guided Imagery Exercises By
Dr. Francis X. Clifton

mind imagination and freedom

Guilt, Imagination and Freedom: The Foundation of Psychotherapy Within Imagination

Dr. Francis X. Clifton


"Illness, emotional blockage, and depression can be the beginning of our quest for
light. For when we recognize the darkness, maybe even embrace it, our journey to light can begin." Insight from Dr. Francis X. Clifton




The following imaginal exercises, if performed daily, will relieve emotional stress and strain within your life.


The body has a natural desire toward wholeness. Even under the most challenging of circumstances it's innate ability to heal itself is a miracle to observe. After 25 years working with people who battle catastrophic illness,
it is one constant that works for me.


Most of us live in a world of routine and habit. We awake each morning and go about our daily consensual lives. We live our lives within predictable forms, roles, and beliefs. The Roman's called this predictable form of life "profanus."