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available now.

Imagery Immunology and the Deeper Self

Guided Imagery Exercises By
Dr. Francis X. Clifton

mind imagination and freedom

Guilt, Imagination and Freedom: The Foundation of Psychotherapy Within Imagination

Dr. Francis X. Clifton


"Illness, emotional blockage, and depression can be the beginning of our quest for
light. For when we recognize the darkness, maybe even embrace it, our journey to light can begin." Insight from Dr. Francis X. Clifton





Training for individuals in daily exercises that promote good health and spiritual and mental strength. The course is designed to reduce pain, relieve stress and stimulate energy levels by methods that are easy to understand and practice.

Educates families and groups in proven techniques of psychotherapy that improve health and regenerate hope and well-being.

Demonstrates for health professionals how to incorporate imagery techniques into their practice in order to sustain their own energy and generate greater relief for their patients.